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Route du Rhum 2022 

Route du Rhum 2018 : D-Day in less than 2 months!

Branlebas de Régates
Le Class 40 Lamotte - Module Création participait à la régate malouine du 16 au 19 août 2018. ©Pierrick Contin

It’s back to school and work for Luke as well!  Now less than two months from the start of the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe, our skipper who has still been hard at work this Summer is  getting  to the heart of the matter.  Dividing his time between photo shoots; physical and mental training; technical adjustments and boat preparation; partner sailing trips and  sail training sessions, the pressure is now mounting.   We are all keen with Luke the keenest, to see the Class 40 Lamotte Module-Création set sail  for Guadeloupe on the 4th November 2018 with the other 122 competitors.  


A pleasant August in Saint Malo 


If you were on holiday in the Saint Malo area this August you might have spotted the boat moored up in the Duguet Trouhin basin (inner port), or in the Bas Sablons marina or  maybe out sailing in the bay.  As a local from Saint Malo, each year Luke likes to take part in the Summer season regattas, and this time he participated with his handsome Class 40 that will soon be taking him across the Atlantic.  The Branlebras Régates regatta was a good opportunity to welcome on board Claude Renault, the Mayor of Saint Malo, a race in which they came 2nd.   Christian Rouxel the SNBSM (Saint Malo Bay Nautical Society) president also took part  with Luke in the Wednesday Vespérales (evening breezes). 


The Autumn term programme 


Having sailed back to Lorient at the end of August the Class 40 Lamotte Module-Création will stay there for the month of September. 

On the agenda: some more sailing with sponsors and partners; the boat will be taken out of the water for a refit and some final repairs and check-up before the Route du Rhum; another race from Lorient on the 21st, 22nd & 23rd of September - the Atlantique Le Télégramme; more single-handed and double-handed training sessions at the Lorient Grand Large training centre; a film shoot with our partner TVRennes etc…You are no doubt wondering how our skipper will have time to do everything?  Ah well, he needs to be a good business manager, have a good head on his shoulders and above all good organisational planning! 


Luke Berry au départ de la Drheam Cup ce dimanche

24 août 2022

Le dimanche 17 juillet à 14h20, Luke Berry prendra à Cherbourg le départ de la Drheam Cup, une course de 1 000 milles en solitaire...

Luke Berry 4e du championnat du monde de Class40

21 juin 2022

Deux semaines seulement après la mise à l’eau de son nouveau Lamotte-Module Création, Luke Berry s’est emparé de la 4e place...

Le nouveau Class40 de Luke Berry a été mis à l’eau

01 juin 2022

Ce mercredi 1er juin à la Trinité-sur-Mer, le nouveau Lamotte-Module Création a touché l’eau pour la première fois. Avec ce...

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