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Route du Rhum 2022 

Podium place in the Drheam Cup !

A promising finish to the final race before the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe

Arrivée DRHeam Cup
Luke franchit la ligne en 3ème position après 4 jours et 3 heures de course ©LB Sailing

On Friday (27/07/2018) at 18h, the skipper and his Class 40 Lamotte Module-Création crossed the finish line of the DRHeam Cup Destination Cherbourg Cotentin, finishing 3rd in his category and therefore earning a place on the winners’ podium.  Having left on Monday afternoon from La Trinité-sur-Mer, Luke completed the 700 mile race in 4 days, 3 hours and 2 minutes.  A promising finish to the final race before the Route du Rhum - Destination Guadeloupe, one that the skipper was proud to offer to his partners, sponsors and all who have supported him.  The return on the difficult but formative navigation meant he could confirm the potential of both the boat and the skipper.


A two speed race 
After a slow but sure sail out of the Quiberon Bay the fleet of the 28 Class 40s steadily headed towards Ireland.  Luke rapidly positioned his boat in the lead group advancing as well as he could given the light winds that Aeolus had dealt them. Taking the advantage sometimes then dropping back behind his competitors a few hours later, it was only in the middle of the Irish Sea that our skipper got some wind and that the leader group started to break away from the rest of the fleet.

“We really didn’t know how all of that was going to end up, who was going to pick up the wind first, or whether the choices we made were going to pay off or not.  It was all very nerve-wracking, particularly on the second night: the wind completely dropped and between 2h and 9h in the morning we were going round and round in circles, even going backwards!” exclaimed Luke.

“It was only after 2 days of navigating that we really had some wind.  After heading downwind first of all with the big spinnaker, then the medium spinnaker, did we then start to break away from the main group.  Going round the Fastnet I had to change sails in 28knots of wind, in the dark - a first for me!  I had been waiting with impatience for the wind to pick up as I really wanted to see what the boat was capable of.  And I wasn't disappointed!  I was waterproofed up, taking the force of the strong winds that enabled me to go for it.  Heading towards Wolf Rock I managed to hang on to the leaders.  It was at that moment I realised that I might have a chance of a podium place.  From then on, (Wolf Rock off the English coast), it was downwind sailing. I consciously doubled my efforts and my concentration in order to be on top of my game for the final 2 nights. I gave it my all!  
I was able to rest the first night but then afterwards, even up to the finish line, I had little opportunity to rest up.  On the approach to Cherbourg the current was against us so once again nothing could be taken for granted. In the end I finished 3rd after a hard fought battle. I had hardly slept, nor eaten, it was difficult but exhilarating!  It was a great race and I am very happy with the result.”


Objective: Route du Rhum  
“We proved that the boat has potential and that it is solid. Obviously I have learnt a lot but still have a lot to learn and in September in Lorient I’ve still got some training sessions so I’ll benefit greatly from those. Meanwhile the Route du Rhum is fast approaching.  It’s a different sort of race with different objectives.  Gaining a 3rd place in the DRHeam Cup is very encouraging but above all we want to share this great adventure with the partners and supporters of the project.  I am all pumped up for this mythical race that I have dreamt about since I was a kid.  I will do the best I can, I’ll push myself to my limits, but I haven’t forgotten that the bar is set high and being able to compete with these talented sailors is already incredible!” concludes a very happy Luke.  

The Summer programme 
After spending the weekend in the Cherbourg docks the Class 40 Lamotte Module-Création will head back to its home port for the summer holidays - for a well earned break!  Following some more partner outings on the Class 40 at the end of August, Luke will return to the Morbihan for some more training in Lorient.  He’ll then continue with some more partner outings and then return the boat to La Trinité-sur-Mer boatyard for a “pre-Rhum” check-up.  The very boatyard where it was made only 4 & 1/2 months ago.


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